Whether you are new to the hair industry or have been in the industry for years, it is crucial to build the foundation and visuals of your personal brand to stand out in the industry with a professional vibe. It doesn’t matter if you are just now creating your personal brand for your hair business or wanting to re-brand for an updated vibe and aesthetic.


In this e-book, there are three chapters:

  • Brand Analysis, including topics such as:

    • Niche

    • Target Market

    • Establishing Values

    • Vision and Goals

    • The Brand Story

    • Mission Statement

    • Competitive Advantage


  • Brand Recognition, including topics such as:

    • Moodboard

    • Colors and Fonts

    • Logo Design

    • Tone

    • Communication Goals

    • Words to Use


  • Brand Experience, including topics such as:

    • Inside the Salon

    • Outside the Salon

    • Marketing Your Brand

Brand Toner E-Book

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