When You Feel Lost In Your Boss Babe Journey

we spend so much time growing our brand, making sure we sit down to think about content creation, and investing more into learning more to take us further. so much time that before we know it, we feel like we are an entrepreneurial robot and forget who we actually are as a person.

well girl, it’s about time to start bringing ourselves out to shine again. i’m going to share what i have learned about getting back to “myself.”

step back and look at what gave you joy and confidence before becoming an entrepreneurial robot.

for as long as i can remember, i have been obsessed with anything beauty related. i would binge watch casey holmes or alexandrea garza on youtube and then go spend hours in ulta and literally spend every penny i had in my wallet (i hope my husband doesn’t read this). it was honestly so riveting and exciting. then i would get so hyped about trying these products that i would make ourselves go somewhere just so i would have a reason to put them to work. now, spending my days at home working, i never put on makeup because i am not going anywhere. not having a reason to put on makeup has made me feel like i have lost myself a little bit. so i stepped back and realized how this affected me - leading me to go on an ulta haul and making sure i put makeup on even on the easiest days, so i can bring out that piece of joy and confidence.

what is something you have sacrificed because of the daily grind? girl, quit the sacrificing. you deserve to treat yourself to as much joy and you give to your clients and tribe.

establish personal boundaries to hold you accountable in the chaos

creating personal boundaries will make sure you treat yourself during your day as much as you treat others. what to create personal boundaries for? think of the things that if you go without, you can see a difference in your mindset or attitude. think of the things that if you go without, you aren’t as successful. these could be daily, weekly, or monthly boundaries that help you stay grounded.

as for me, i create boundaries around exercise and fitness, indulging in a self-help book, and listening to podcasts that keep me inspired.

what are the things you know you aren’t making time for, but you know you need to? create boundaries for them!

take the time to learn something new about yourself

throughout our stages of life, we grow as individuals and our personalities tend to change a tad. taking the time to reflect how we change and learn something new about ourselves also can help you stay grounded.

lately, i have taken time to be adventurous (lol i am not that adventurous at all) in learning what catches my interest now. because of taking this time, i have found that i actually enjoy practicing yoga. i have found that i may be more of a nature gal than i thought. i have also found that i may actually be a world traveler, when before, i had no interest in traveling at all.

what are some things that have caught your eye that you haven’t given yourself time to learn if it something that enhances who you are?

now, by no means am i some type of therapist. i am just sharing what has put a little pep in my step lately.