The Key to Branding Your Hair Business

i am so in love with the fact that you beauty industry leaders are so invested in your career that you want to take the next step in furthering your business by establishing a brand presence. i know you want to be taken more seriously. i know you have bigger goals in mind for your career and honestly, branding can take you there - but done in the right manner. there is one key to branding your beauty business and i am about to get right into it.

you are not branding for you.

“haley, what do you mean? you always say that i am my brand, so why am i not branding for myself?!”

when it comes to branding, the key is that you have to think outside of your own box and think inside the box of your ideal client. you have to establish a brand presence of what appeals to your ideal client, not what necessarily appeals to you.

no, i am not saying to create a brand presence that you absolutely hate just to appeal to your ideal client, but what i am saying is to use your branding to attract them and put your own spin to it. i mean, you obviously want to create a brand that you are in absolutely love with, but something they are also in love with. (did i just make that more dramatic than it needed to be?!)

when it comes down to it - every step of the branding process, you keep your ideal client in mind. if you are trying to reach a edgy high-end clientele, then obviously don’t go with a rustic farmhouse font. if you are trying to reach a minimalistic clientele, don’t go with bold colors and branded textures. see where i am going here?

so here’s what to do.

think of your most favorite clients that you love to work with. now, study them. why do they come to you? what is their style? what is their tone of voice? what colors appeal to them? what accounts do they follow on social media? what hobbies do they enjoy? where do they like to shop? how do they like to spend their free time? literally this is the perfect time to insta-stalk someone. you use these attributes and characteristics to tailor your brand presence and awareness. if their style is more of the edgy, free people scene, then go in that direction for some inspiration. if their tone of voice is trendy and laid back, then that needs to be your brand’s tone of voice. if black, white, and grey appeal to them, then you need to incorporate those color into your branding. if they follow fashion bloggers on instagram, then when you aren’t posting previous client work, you need to posting more “fashion blogger” inspired posts. if they like traveling in their free time, then also incorporate some travel inspired posts as well. you catch my drift?

if you are needing more of an in-depth guide of really honing in on who your ideal client is, download my free workbook from my homepage to help you out!

so, now knowing you need to brand your beauty business in the direction of your ideal client - do you know which direction you are going to be branding?