How To Use Dubsado As A Hair Babe

dubsado is a client relationship management tool that is used mostly by creative entrepreneurs who have service based businesses, but the more i got to thinking about it, this online tool could be brought into the beauty industry.

i’m here today to bring you 5 ways that dubsado could benefit your beauty business.

if you are a beauty business owner with multiple systems to keep you organized in your business or don’t necessarily have a system in place, this one is for you.

online salon forms

one of my favorite features are the several different types of forms you can create within dubsado. you can either pick from a template that has already been created in the dubsado resource library or you can create one yourself to tailor the exact information you are needing to get across or receive from clients.

you can send proposals to prospective clients for your special events services, then you can turn around and send them a custom booking form. you can send virtual contracts to be e-signed by those clients that are booking you for special events.     let’s say for your salon services, you can create a welcome packet to send to your first time clients to make the experience more meaningful for them. you can also send forms and questionnaires to gather salon information needed: client intake information, profiles based on your services (such as a hair profile), service appointment questionnaire.

you are probably thinking - great, i already do all of this stuff. but with all of this being done online, you can: keep your processes for your services streamlined, send this information to your client before they even walk in the door, and keep all of this information in one place, all while looking way more professional. plus - you can send all of these forms with your branding at the front and center.

client history

dubsado allows you to create “jobs”, which is essentially a way to track the history of services with a specific client. under the jobs tab, you can store information such as: emails sent as appointment reminders, invoicing payments (which we will get into later), any forms or questionnaires sent to them to be completed, appointments in the future, and notes that can be used to vividly describe what was done at the appointment. no need to keep up with pesky little client history cards because this one function keeps everything in one place. another great feature to add for client history is the ability to send automated emails to your clients one month, three months, 6 months, and a year to check in and further cultivate that relationship.

lead capture

i think one of the most informative features of dubsado is the lead capture feature. what a lead capture is is a embedded form that most place on their website, but it can be shared elsewhere via a link, that can pretty much be used to gather information from potential clients and then the information gets inserted into dubsado and is saved as a “lead.” aka you need to lead them in the direction of booking you if they are your ideal dream client. if you are a hairstylist, you could ask questions such as: “what services are you interested in?”, “what are you looking for in terms of hair goals?”, or “do you have any restrictions when it comes to cutting or coloring your hair?” basically you want this form to serve as like a scanning process to see if you and this client could be a perfect fit. the purpose of this form could also serve as an online consultation. literally this is your form to create to capture a potential client that has been stalking your gorgeous work for quite some time now.

online payment integrations

make that moolah, honey. i am not going to spend too much time on this because these integrations are widely known today and pretty self explanatory. the absolute easiest function of dubsado is literally bringing in the dough. dubsado has online payment integrations such as: square, paypal, and stripe. yes girl, that means you can organize your business and track your income all in one place! send invoices, the option of getting paid online, the ability to allow for tips, and no extra processing fees. literally need i say more? (the answer to that is heck no because girl i’m already feeling snatched from this feature).

calendar sync

okay, this is my favorite, favorite, favorite feature (have i said that for all of them?!). dubsado has calendar integrations with ical, google calendar, or outlook calendar. what this means is - when you have an appointment or any kinda of date set inside of dubsado, it links to one of those three integrations. so whether you are on dubsado or on your normal calendar, you will know what’s about to throw down. so, lets say a client decides to book you. they get added as a job and then they are given a date of service. once you click on the specified date, boom - it’s added to your dubsado calendar and to your normal calendar.

yes girl. i know that was a lot of information about a system platform that you probably have no idea what i am talking about. to get a better feel for dubsado, click here to go to their website and you can start a free trial or you can schedule a demo!

i promise you that if you streamline and organize the business aspect of your beauty career, it will make being a beautrepreneur so much more beautiful and less of a chore.

so, are you going to try dubsado?