How To Grow Your Influential Hair Brand

one misconception that i see in the beauty industry is that social media following and posting equals brand growth. in a way, this is true because you are gaining a tribe, audience, gang but are they loyal to you and your brand? there are so many ways to grow your beauty brand, but tend to get overlooked because beauty professionals think that these steps aren’t necessary, that their brand isn’t professional enough, or any other limiting belief. i am here to help you out, sista gal. let’s get to it.


one of the best ways to grow your brand is by serving genuine content through blogging (or vlogging, if that is your jam.) having a blog gives a place for your loyal tribe to really connect with you and the content you are creating. their own little safe haven of everything about you and your brand. also, having a blog gives you an absolute, certain online home. whereas, instagram could just happen to fail one day and then you lose all of your tribe because you have nowhere else for them to follow you from. you beauty leaders are born creators, so don’t tell me that you don’t have any content to write about! i believe in you and also, writing is somewhat therapeutic.


to get even more personal than social media and a blog with your tribe is by creating a newsletter, in which they can experience real vulnerability behind you and your brand. this is a perfect place for you to treat your loyal tribe. gift them with birthday discounts, loyalty perks, freebies - basically content that you wouldn’t share with the ole regular schmegular people that hit “follow” on instagram because you post pretty pictures. i mentioned vulnerability. get real with these gang members. show them a side of you that you would be too hesitant to share on social media. treat these newsletters as dialogue in a friendship. these are your gals, they want to get to actually know you and support you.

create multiple sources of income in your beauty business

“haley, i am already a booked hairstylist. i can’t add anything else to my silver plated platter.”

okay, but listen to me. this could benefit you, i promise. creating multiple sources of income could help you:

1: earn more money

2: reach another crowd of gang members or

3: educate your current tribe even more.

these multiple sources of income could be an education platforms - if you are wanting to be an industry educator, online styling classes, e-books that serve content related to your field of the beauty industry. think of things that you can create once and sell over and over again. but don’t just sell something to sell something. create and sell it with purpose and intention. you know your followers and clientele better than i do, so just think of content that could serve a number of them at one time!

now after seeing different ways to grow your brand, i challenge you to at least start with one. which one are you going to start with?