How To Find Your Brand's Tone of Voice

when considering the strategy of a brand, a lot of focus is put on the tone of voice. the tone of voice really has a lot of power and energy in attracting your ideal client. with all of the pressure of creating a tone of voice for your brand, you probably think it’s really hard - that there’s some secret strategy to nailing the perfect tone of voice. girl, it’s too freaking easy.

ya ready for this one?

it’s literally two easy steps.

find your ideal client

really figure out exactly who you want to be talking to in order to use your brand’s tone of voice - who you want to be reaching, who you want to be attracting, who you want to be dreaming about at night (did i just take that a step too far?!..).

let’s think about it like this - do you have a client that you absolutely adore to work with? y’all literally just get each other. create an ideal client profile for that adorable client and keep her in mind for this next exercise.

write a love note

what i want you to do now is write a letter to either your ideal client or your oh-so adored client.

literally that’s it.

sit down and write a letter to tell how your services can benefit her, what your services can do to make her feel more beautiful and confident, how your client experience can be the exact treat to herself that she needs. literally just brain dump on her and let her know exactly what she means to your beauty business.

don’t put any stress on writing this love note. just write it as yourself because you are your brand. write it as if you were talking to your best gal pal. let writing this love note be natural.


there you go, that’s it. the way you just wrote this letter is the way you should be communicating with your tribe on social media. this is the way you should be writing your social media captions. this is the way you should be writing content for your blog or email newsletter. this is the way you should be speaking on ig stories or igtv. this is the way you should be interacting with clients in the salon. let this tone of voice shine throughout any interaction a prospective and current client may have.

after establishing your brand’s tone of voice, creating content will be less of a hassle because you know exactly who you are talking to and how to get your messaging across in a way that best represents your brand.