How To Achieve Your Biggest Business Goals

i know, i know. you have heard of so many tactics to achieving your goals. you have made vision boards. you have written them down so many times that they can’t be written down anymore. we think as long as we say them out loud, somehow they just happen and yet it just doesn’t work the way you absolutely want it to. well girl, i am here to share with you my tactic for achieving my biggest business goals.

set your goal

first off, you need one of your dreamiest goals in mind. if you aren’t aware of any big and dreamy goals you have for yourself, do this small exercise. turn on some calming music, grab a notebook, and a pen. close your eyes and let your mind just wander on the topic of your career. do this however long you need. i promise if you just allow yourself the time to just sit, dream, and reflect - you will have a goal come to you.

to get some actual perspective here, i am going to use an example. let’s say you are a highly skilled, yet introverted hairstylist from a small, southern town. you have a passion for continued education and being an industry leader and role model.

let’s say your goal is to be an big-wig speaker for the hair industry on topics like hair education, business, and marketing.

got your dream goal in mind? great, let’s move on.

break down your goal

let’s break down the goal in the example i used above. so - in order to be a speaker, you are going to need to think of everything that involves of being an industry leading speaker. to be a speaker, you will need: a loyal tribe, to be comfortable in front of audiences, to be seen as an expert in your field. you obviously need a lot more than this to be a speaker, but for time’s sake, we are just going to use these three steps.

break down even further

so, to break it down even further - we will need mini action steps for each one of these three listed above.

let’s break down the step of having a loyal tribe. now, when i say that you need a loyal tribe i am not saying you need 10.3k following on instagram. the number doesn’t matter, they just need to be captivated by you and your work. even if it’s only five people.

mini action steps to build/have a loyal tribe:

build an engaging audience on social media.

if you feel as if you aren’t getting as much or any engagement, you need to be engaging with your target market for your speaking event. go out of your way to cultivate relationships. slide in their dm’s. message them from their instagram story. reply to their captions. like their content.

build a newsletter to even further get to know this audience.

get away from the computer and get to know the target market inside of your own geographical area. get to know these people that are in your community.

let’s break down the step of being comfortable in front of audiences, in order to be a big-wig speaker.

mini actions steps to build comfortability with speaking:

start out by showing your face to your audience on instagram stories or by going live.

contact your local beauty school and see if you have do a educational or inspirational speech for the current students.

host event(s) in your area for the desired target market on the topic you are speaking on.

let’s break down the step of being an expert in your field.

mini actions steps to build an expert title in your field:

create blog posts tailored to the desired target market for your dream speaking event; content to make them trust you and your knowledge.

create videos or webinars to show off what you know - on a more personal level.

network with other industry experts to show that you are in good company.

continue educating yourself so your audience can see that you are even learning more that you can eventually use to help them further themselves in their career path.

so, you see how i trickled that down to manageable, daily actions that can then lead you into your dream goal?

with this method in mind now, what dream goals are you going to plan for?