How The Hair Industry Is Using Social Media Incorrectly

*impatiently waiting to get roasted for this blog post title*

after serving the beauty industry for some time now, i have noticed some social media trends that could have an effect on creating an unforgettable brand.

let’s get right into it.

using instagram as a portfolio

now, i am all for sharing your work on social media because it allows your audience to see your expertise, your work, your skills - but, i also believe in sharing more than just the services you offer. constantly only sharing your client work doesn’t necessarily give a way for your followers to really develop a relationship with you.

rather, share content that creates connection and organic engagement. share more of you, share more of the salon lifestyle, share more of the things you and your business value. you get what i am saying?

start using your social media platforms as an extension of your client experience and not just as on online portfolio.

speaking to the wrong person

so many times, i see stylist of any kind posting client work with some dramatically long formula that they used to achieve whatever look they just performed. you know what i am talking about - “for this client, i used redken f6q8xtury429xyz formula.”

the problem with this messaging is that it’s going to attract other stylists of your industry rather than prospective clients. why is that? because your prospective clients have no freaking idea what that means - now, if you are a beauty industry educator, then this makes sense. but if you are a service provider, this isn’t necessarily going to serve you.

my point - make sure your social media content is speaking to exactly who you are needing it to talk to in order to grow your brand in the right direction, which leads me to my next point.

not being intentional with your content messaging.

i get it, i get it. you beauty babes are out there freaking killin’ it - that by the time you have a break, all you want to do is just slap up a post of the babylights look you just finished with the caption of “summer bliss babylights” and then that’s it.

yeah, that puts content out there, but not necessarily in a way that’s going to serve you. instead of just posting some cute little name for the look you just performed, be more intentional with the caption. share what it means to be involved in the process of making your client more confident, share why it is that you client feels more beautiful, share why that particular client was the hero or queen of your business that day, or even share the benefits of empowerment (we all get empowered by feeling beautiful, right?!) that the particular look you just posted would serve any potential clients.

you get what i am saying? dig a little deeper with the captions and really create content that your ideal client is wanting to indulge in.