A Main Factor As To Why You Aren't Getting Booked

i see this over and over again. you show up for your lovely desired career in the beauty industry everyday. you post on social media and engage with your audience. you do all the right things and possibly go above and beyond, but yet you still aren’t getting booked and you don’t quite understand.

this trend that i have been seeing in the beauty industry comes down to one fix: niching.

if you don’t quite exactly understand what niching means, it’s essentially narrowing down your market to such a specific ideal client.

today, i’m talking on three steps that will guide you into why niching your beauty business will get you booked.

you need to stop screaming to the masses

i see so many beauty babes who literally offer every service to women’s highlights to eyebrows to men’s shaving. yes, that is totally great that you can offer all of those services and have such a large skill set, but you don’t have to offer all of those services. what you are doing by having such a wide range of services is trying to attract your business to absolutely everyone, which can be a terrible struggle to market yourself for, instead of directly speaking to one specific client. you gotta realize the fact that you can’t be everything to everyone. not only is that exhausting but coming from a business organization and marketing aspect, you are literally going to be all over the place.

you need to get clear on your zone of genius with your ideal client

what i want you to do, instead of screaming to anyone who could use your services in your geographical area is, think of the most favorite service that you offer. a service that you would want to do all day, every day. a service that lights you up the most. once you have that service in mind, what i want you to do next is figure out who your dream ideal client is (if you need help establishing your ideal client, make sure to download the workbook on my homepage). your most favorable client to work with. let’s say you are a hairstylist with a passion for rock n’ roll fashion with an edgy lifestyle that values spontaneity and creativity and your expertise (zone of genius) is eccentric hair color and cuts. boom, there’s your niche. it’s literally that simple. passion + values + expertise = your swag niche.

you need to position yourself as an expert in that niche

once having your niche defined, this allows you to have a clear sense of direction for exactly who to market to, post what attracts to them, and speak the language they talk. knowing these three things, you can set yourself up to be an industry expert. when you market to this niche, you market with confidence because these are your people, this is your tribe. when you market to this niche, you build trust because this is your zone of genius; you know exactly what you’re saying and how to say it. when you are creating content for this niche, you are creating with intention and purpose because you know exactly what they want and how they want it. this confidence and trust will make your tribe more willing to book you because you have shown that you are the beauty boss in this specific area of the industry.

from now on out after this three tips, business aspects start to flow in your mind more effortlessly: content creation, potential service offerings, and overall business growth and upleveling.

if you are catching what i’m throwing out there, but still need some guidance - shoot me an email (haley@haleydavisbrandinganddesign.com) or submit an inquiry form on my contact page so we can dig a little deeper to serve you the best that we can.

do you already have a niche? are you already brainstorming your niche ideas? let me know below! your creativity is always so inspiring to me!