5 Ways To Uplevel Your Hair Business

you’re slaying at balayage highlights, you’re a certified queen at teasylights, or you’re blending skills are up to par with cassandra platinum.

your clients are coming in.

you have a loyal customer base.

you’re bringing in the money.

you’ve achieved your dream but you are wanting more.

and that’s perfectly okay - don’t feel like greedy or anything. i mean, it’s not like you didn’t work really hard to get where you are at. you did the dirty work, girl.

that’s how entrepreneurs grow. if we were completely satisfied with our business, we would never learn anything new about our skill set or ourselves.

you want to take your beauty business to the next level.

you want to to expand and grow outside of the means you are already working in.

girl, i’m with ya and i am here with some quick ideas to up level your beauty business, so let’s jump right into the content.


serve your clients and even followers outside of your geographical area with content they can study at anytime. not only will this give you a further connection with existing clients, but blogging can also increase your presence, especially if you have a website. blogging can increase your presence so much if gone about with purpose and consistency. share your everyday knowledge that you think is so minor, but others may not know. share tutorials. create content that keep them coming back to you even if they aren’t in the salon. the more knowledge and presence you put out there, the more followers are willing to trust you. get out a notebook and get to jottin’ some blog post ideas.

create a youtube channel

writing isn’t necessarily your style? okay, then let’s get in front of the camera. use these videos with the purpose of connecting, educating, and sharing. with videos, be you! be your weird self, show your personality. this is what is going to attract followers and clients to your channel. use this as an opportunity for your salon/business inside of your followers homes. literally how convenient.

create an email list

an email list is a great way to get real personal with your tribe. i mean, they are signing up to hear from you. they obviously want the goods and knowledge you have to offer. create promotions for your clients. create content for followers. think of your subscribers as your friends. think of the email list itself as a text message. think of the whole idea as a texting conversation with your friend. what kind of conversation would you strike up with a friend? use that idea and send that out to your list.

hold workshops

this could go one of two ways. or really both. you could hold workshops for peers in your industry. let’s say you have some sickening hair painting skills. girlfriend, create a schedule of events and hold a workshop to share your skills and knowledge. you could also hold workshops for the followers you have in your geographical area. let’s say you are a die hard t3 micro kinda gal. hold a workshop of how to use the whirl trio wand, a specified number of looks to achieve with the wand, and how to take care of hair against heat protection. like obviously fit the topic within your industry, but just throwin’ out some ideas for you. get your tribe in your salon/store front even if it’s not for your services, if that makes sense. give them another reason to come - that’s what i am trying to say.

team up with another local peer or business in your city

so maybe you decided to hold a workshop, but you want to make this workshop even more bougie than it has to be. bring in another beauty industry peer to amp it up a notch. let’s say you are holding a workshop on the t3 whirl trio and how to create hairstyles with it. well, the gals in the workshop are going to have their hair all fancied up, so why not bring in a local makeup artist at the same time so they can learn even more. heck, want to go real bougie? make a freaking experience out of it and have a local photographer come in and make a huge girl sesh out of it. literally befriend these peers in your city. create a community instead of expanding the competitiveness. you never know, you might find a new friend or business partner out of this. or even team up with them to host a giveaway. or a collaboration video/post for your youtube channel or blog. honestly, you could even team up for a facebook or instagram story or live.

phew girl!

i am literally blown away after all of that. i hope you got some major inspo, ideas, and badass-ery from this post.

if you did get some ideas from this post or have participated in any of these ideas, leave me a comment below. i love hearing all of my beauty babes.

until then,