when working with me, you are not just gaining a branding experience or website, you are actually gaining your biggest supporter, your confidant, and your go-to celebratory wine sipping gal pal with every success you achieve along the way. pretty much what i am saying is that, you won't become a client, you'll become a lifelong friend. 

although, as your designer, i will work with you daily during the two week design period to make sure your digital queendom is a perfect representation of how much the entrepreneurial killer you really are. i will serve you the online confidence you need to make it in your creative business, to proudly be your unique self, and to be empowered to know you can do this. i want for you to be on top of the entrepreneurial world, not just to feel like you are.

i'm not here to preach to you about how great my services are,  that i'm here to save your world, or that i'm impatiently waiting to send out your invoice so i can consider myself "successful", but what i am here to tell you is that my mission is way far beyond that.

i created haley davis branding and design in hopes to be your "pusher" (i'm a 90's child so i had to throw in a mean girls reference). i created my business to help women like me, who has what it takes to be "the somebody"  they have always dreamt of.  i know what it's like to have a certain dream, but realize you are in it all alone. yes, you have your support system, but do they really understand? at haley davis branding and design, you won't be alone. you will have someone with you to motivate you, to encourage you, and to make you feel d*mn good about yourself. 

one thing that i really value as a person and a business owner is personal development. when i am not working, i am constantly learning something new, furthering my education on a certain topic, or taking time away to care for myself. whether it's enhancing my web design skills, watching makeup and fashion youtube videos to stay up to date on the latest beauty products and dig deeper into learning my "personal style", or going to the gym to go after those long sought-out fitness goals (we all have those, right?). 

a few secrets though..

i am guilty of binge-watching the next best series i can find to grey's anatomy on netflix with my husband.

we spend way too much money on chick-fil-a, sushi, and mexican food.

enough about me though, i want to know about you!


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*glass of wine over the consultation call is required :)